Godzilla v Rodan

The battle started in 1964 in Tokyo.  There is no more logical conclusion than a 2018 rematch in Bridle Trails.  There can be no other way to end this grudge. Come join in the pre-match activities. Cost will be $25/person, or $50/person if you ask Mrs. Sir what the cost is.

Walking Stance Competition 12:00p - 2:57p
WATER BREAK 2:57p - 3:00p
2-mile Duck Walk 3:00p - 3:20p
WATER BREAK 3:20p - 3:23p
LUNCH 3:23p - 5:39p
WATER BREAK 5:39p - 5:42p
Godzilla v Rodan 5:42p - The End of the World as We Know It