Jungyae Martial Arts Frequently Asked Questions


What Is Jungyae Martial Arts?

Our program is a Korean tae kwon do based system with weapons and self-defense applications.

Why do we bow?

Bowing is a way to show humility.  When we bow to someone or something (the training hall), it forces us to be humble and show respect to that person or place.  Many people misinterpret bowing as lowering yourself to another.  In the martial arts it can be as simple as a greeting.  This simple gesture helps us begin to understand the act of being humble.


How often should I come to class?

A student should come no less than twice a week.  Three times a week is ideal and four times a week should be the maximum.


What if I am late for class?

First you should find your attendance card and put it away.  After that stand to the side of your class in a ready position and wait for the instructor to recognize you.  When you are recognized ask for permission to enter the class and go to the very back of the class. 


Do I need to come to class in my uniform?

Little dragons, children and teens can come to class already in their uniforms.  This saves time in beginning the classes.  Adults should always change at the school.


When is testing?

Generally there is a test on the first Friday of every even numbered month of the year.   

Who determines when a student can test?

The instructor will make the determination of when a student can test.  Once a student receives the necessary stripes on his/her belt, they are then eligible for the upcoming test.  Students need three stripes to test


What if I cannot make the test?

There is a make-up test the Wednesday before and the Wednesday after the test.