Little Dragons (Age 5-7)

The Little Dragon class emphasizes listening, following directions, and building a solid foundation of learning skills which will be useful both inside and outside of Jungyae Martial Arts. This program is an excellent way to improve your child’s coordination, physical conditioning, mental acuity, attention span. Classes consist of a mix of physically intense activities as well as precision skill-building, enhancing the student's physical well-being as well as mental discipline and ability to operate within a structured environment

Children (Age 8-11)

The Children's class introduces your child to the importance of setting and meeting their goals, working with others, and self-motivation. Honesty, respect for self and others, and taking responsibility for their actions is also focused on. Strong and clean techniques are emphasized to lay the foundation for their future as Martial Artists.



Teens (Age 12-15)

The Teenager program is a physically demanding class that teaches the importance of hard work and overall discipline. It is vital for teens to develop respect, confidence, and the self-esteem needed to make difficult decisions and deal with the peer pressure he or she will soon face.

Adults (Age 16+)

Training for adults emphasizes the harmony between mind and body in the martial arts and all aspects of life. There is a large focus on the principles of Honor, Unity, Service and mutual Respect. Physical requirements increase in scope and difficulty. 

Intensive Lessons

Intensive lessons are designed for individual students looking for personalized Martial Arts education. Interested students should inquire about available lesson times and pricing.