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[Master Davis] fundamentally shaped the person I am today, both by giving me confidence and by showing me the true power that care, empathy, selflessness, and discipline can have on a person.
— Vikram Dhawan in his succesful Yale University Application for Enrollment
We love Jungyae Martial Arts. My daughter has taken martial arts for 4 months now with Master Davis. He is an amazing Master and teaches children how to be focused and confident, this is more than martial arts, it’s about life lessons and not giving up. I have also taken woman’s self defense at Jungyae and learned so much. Thank you Master Davis.
— Jacqueline N on Yelp
Our family is a big fan of Jung Yae Martial Arts. Master Davis (Sir) provides excellent, personalized instruction in both physical techniques and character development. He is a wonderful blend of strict and fun. He has built a great community in which children, teens, and adults alike to learn and grow in many facets of martial arts. I would highly recommend Jung Yae to anyone who has interest in growing in strength and in spirit.
— Sara S., on Yelp
My son loves coming to Jungyae! Master Davis teaches the kids to be respectful, disciplined, loving and forgiving. It is a great sport that helps my kid develop physically and mentally. Highly recommend! Master Davis is full fun and energy. My son adores and respect him!
— Ya Guo., on Facebook